Hi everyone.

My namn is Johan and i live in Sweden. Im a huge fan of KISS.

I have collect guitarpicks since aug 2012

I´m first of all looking  for Kiss picks.

My Kiss wantedlist is down below

Moore band i collect:

Hardcore superstar   ( Just missing a few )

Sabaton         ( Just missing a few )

HammerFall   ( Just missing a few )


Primal fear

Accept  ( Even Christopher Williams )

Helloween.. ( Just older ones )

Twisted sister  ( Just older ones )

Steel Panther


Bruce Kulick


Can also use Iron maiden &  Pearl jam 


Some of my sticks is also for trade vs picks


Please contact me if you have some picks to offer me.

My Kiss wantedlist

Eotr 2022 Aussie

Kiss kruise 11

Zombies pick Gene, Tommy and Eric

Skulls picks All of them


 EOTR 2021

Kiss Logo Tommy blue sign

Bandlogo  Eric Black sign

Bandlogo Tommy and Eric with color sign

Kiss show in New york june 11th

Gene and Paul with logo on front

Kissworld 2017 Usa flag Eric 

Japan tour 2015: small letter Eric and Tommy

PC tour:  Paul Large dot prism on white
AWW tour: Ace horisental block prism blue
Asylum tour: All of them

All from Creatures tour with big letters